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Our Mission Statement

To aid in bringing economic sustainability to impoverished communities, through the purchase of their hand-made products at fair wages, while maintaining their traditional way of life.

To help alleviate poverty through importing excellent, luxurious, ethically made products and providing a sales market that directly benefits their community.

Fair Winds Importing believes in compassion, opportunity and hope.

Empowering People to Alleviate Poverty through Purchasing their Products!

Personal, Passionate and All about People!

A note from Kim:

After more than 25 years working as a Registered Nurse in the operating room and private surgical and medical esthetics clinics, including travelling to care for people in the jungles of Peru, Trinidad, and El Salvador, I decided to pursue my dream of helping people through my creativity, compassion for others and small business skills to start Fair Winds Importing in January 2012.

Fair Winds Importing will work with companies, projects and artisans who believe in empowerment, dignified work, equal opportunity for education and medical care and fair wages for women, men and children.

I believe we can make a difference!

I believe we can change this world, one life at a time!

Kim Wiens

Owner, Founder & Merchandiser

Meet the Team

My team are my friends who had the courage, determination and intense desire to start The Rocking Yak,  AmdoCraft,  Sauyunan Handicrafts,  Sasa Designs by the Deaf and Village Artisan! These people who are living and working in remote areas so they can create sustainable employment for impoverished communities who have no opportunities!
My team are my family and friends who volunteer alongside of me to make a difference in this world!

My Family and Supporters

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You can purchase products through:

Email: kim@fairwindsimporting.com