The Rocking Yak

In March 2014, I was thrilled and excited to be able to visit the many knitters and spinners, just a few of the 40 rural Tibetan women employed by The Rocking Yak!

100% Tibetan Yak Down fibre is hand-spun into yarn with drop spindles and beautifully hand-knit into garments are made by these rural Tibetan women. Warm, breathable, luxuriously soft and hypoallergenic marketable garments!

I was so encouraged to see the direct results of employing these women, who can earn money to put their children in school. They live in very remote mountainous regions and the children must travel long distances to go to government boarding schools. They have no money. They live off the land. They stay warm in their homes and have enough food to eat but they have no money for travel. The production and sale of these hand-knit garments IS making a dramatic impact in their communities. They don’t want handouts. They just want to work and they are amazing at it!

(Photos courtesy of The Rocking Yak)

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