The Rocking Yak is helping to provide Tibetan families who live in remote villages on the Tibetan Plateau with sustainable employment, empowering these families and instilling self-worth and pride while using their traditional skills.

Your purchase helps support these Tibetan women and their communities.

100% Tibetan Yak Down Fibre

100% Tibetan Yak Down Fibre is hand-spun or machine-spun into 100% Tibetan Yak Down Yarn. The Fibre is available in Natural Grey, Natural Brown and Cream. Excellent for spinning your own yarn.

100% Tibetan Yak Down Hand-spun Yarn

100% Tibetan Yak Down Traditional Series Yarn is hand-spun by drop spindle method using 100% Tibetan Yak Down Fibre by rural Tibetan women living on the Tibetan Plateau. Luxuriously soft, warm and breathable, and hypoallergenic. Does not itch like wool or coarser fibres.

Natural plant dyes used. Available in a variety of yarn gauges; 130-220yd/100g. Please inquire regarding specific colour and gauges in stock.


100% Tibetan Yak Down Machine-spun Yarn

100% Tibetan Yak Down Snow Mountain Series Yarn is machine-spun from the same 100% Tibetan Yak Down Fibre. It has a consistent gauge that can be helpful for new knitters and larger projects. The variety of colours and lower price in comparison to our more exclusive hand-spun yarn makes this yarn a great alternative.

Available in 200yd/100g ball.                                                                     

100% Tibetan Yak Down Machine-spun Yarn

Beautifully hand-knit garments all made by rural Tibetan women living on the Tibetan Plateau. Slouchy hats, toques, beanies, headbands, mittens, wrist warmers, cowls and scarves available in a variety of colours.

100% Tibetan Yak Down Hand-knit Garments

Garments 2


Amdo Craft have trained the Amdo Tibetan people to produce marketable items using their traditional skills of weaving and braiding yak hair, felting and knitting with yak and sheep wool and making yak milk soap.

Your purchase helps support these Amdo Tibetan nomadic communities.

Yak Milk Soap

The high content of moisturizing ingredients and natural fragrances make Yak Milk Soap a treat for the skin. Our soap is made in small batches with saponified yak tarrow, rapeseed oil and yak milk, which is rich in protein, vitamin A and calcium. Yak Milk Soap may contain Tibetan herbs or flowers, oatmeal, essential oils and/or mineral colorants. Yak Milk Soap is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

100% natural and handmade. Colour may vary in each bar. Each bar weighs about 100 grams, packed in a box.

Woven Purses, Handbags, and Bottle Holders

Bags are made from a variety of fabrics and colours with hand woven decorations, and may vary from image shown. Handmade.

Christmas Ornaments and Accessories

Handmade felt using sheep and yak wool and decorated with small beads. Sewn by the Amdo Tibetan tailor in the rural village.


House Socks

House socks are handmade from 100% hand-spun sheep wool, knitted and lined with a warm fleece type stretchy fabric. Available in a variety of adult and child sizes.

100% Natural Tibetan Beeswax Lip Balm

Your lips will love this 100% Natural Tibetan beeswax, coconut oil and peppermint lip balm.



Sauyunan is a word from the Sundanese language of West Java.  It means “working together for the same purpose”. Indonesian artisans carefully sew together hundreds of glass beads to create exquisite Christmas ornaments and accessories.

Your purchases help support these Indonesian communities.

Christmas Ornaments


Christmas Stars

Christmas Angels




Beautifully handcrafted jewellery made in Kenya by deaf artisans.

Every item handmade. Every design, life changing. Every artisan, empowered.”

Your purchase helps support these women and their families.

Wrist candy for your wrist!

Evening Wrap B20FW15

Earrings, Necklaces and more

Earrings, necklaces and wrist wraps made from a variety of hand-forged brass, recycled glass, carved bone pieces, turquoise, malachite, seed beads and more. Ethical fashion!

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Soap-9870 WS copy

Eco-friendly, fair-trade products from North India by artisans who create organic soaps, 100% wood free handmade paper, scarves and purses made from upcycled reclaimed saris, and handcrafted jewellery.

The story of Village Artisan is about empowering women, giving dignified work to men and delivering fashionable quality products to you, the discerning and socially conscious buyer.” 

Chay Way Scarf

“Chay” is the word for “six” in Hindi so you can wear this scarf six ways!  One of a kind. 8 Sea shell buttons can be configured to create 6 different looks with our one scarf. The most popular way to wear it is the breezy Kimono style jacket, then the poncho, the halter, the classic scarf, a warp around sarong cover up, and lastly, a loose button up scarf.

Chay Way00004 copy

Organic Handmade Soaps

Made from natural spices and dyes, no artificial additives or colourings, essential oils, natural exfoliants and relaxing scents made to pamper you.

Soap-9837 WS copy

Handmade Paper

Our handmade paper is 100% wood-free, made from the cotton throw-offs from the textile industry. So no tree has fallen to bring you these beautifully handmade paper cards and journals.

Day 4 Paper-9373 WS

Handmade Paper Cards and Diaries


Handcrafted Jewellery

Beautifully crafted earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces made with a variety of glass, metal, carved bone beads, leather, stones, tiny vintage coins and more. All jewellery is nickel-free and lead-free.


Hand Carved Wood

Day 3 Wood-3708 WS

The art of wood carving is a very old craft and common heritage in India. The tools used for this wood craft are mainly the carpenter’s tools, carving chisels and the wood.

Day 3 Wood-3364 WS copy

Mogul White and Jade Wood Carved Frames

The hand carved design is inspired by the architecture through out India that has been left by the Moghul Empire.

Available in 7×7 inch outer dimension with 3×3 inch inner photo dimension, and 9×9 inch outer dimension with 5×5 inch inner photo dimension.

Wooden Frames


Each product is designed and manufactured with excellence and craftsmanship. 100% Mulberry Silk from Indian origin is known for luster, shine and tensile strength.  Machine-spun and Hand-dyed.


100% Indian Mulberry Reeled Silk Yarn

Reeled Silk Yarn is the purest form of silk. It is filament yarn. This is the first product made from the silk cocoon. If you closely evaluate this yarn by untwisting it you will find at least 100 strands tightly twisted to make this yarn. It knits beautifully showcasing its extra shine, very soft texture and tensile strength.

Hand-Dyed.  Approx. 300-400yds/100g.         

100% Indian Mulberry Duke Silk

Duke Silk Yarn is made from the byproduct of the reeled silk leftovers. It’s combed first in the comber and then machine-spun. It is ideally used for hand knitting and crocheting projects such as sweaters, shawls, hats, throws, socks, gloves, cardigans, scarves and many more wearable items.

Hand-dyed.  Approx. 225 yards/100g.

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