Village Artisan

Village Artisan is helping over 100 artisans earn a living wage through dignified work in a caring community in North India.

Once impoverished families now have access to proper food and education and for many, it’s the first generation to go to school.

All of the products are 100% eco-friendly and made from a range of natural and recycled materials.  Handmade paper is 100% wood-free made from the cotton throw-offs from the textile industry. 100% organic soap is hand-crafted using natural spices and dyes. Scarves, purses and tops are made using upcycled reclaimed saris.

Intricately designed wooden frames made by skilled carvers. And handmade fashionable jewellery is created with beautiful glass, wooden hand-dyed and hand-carved beads, and recycled coins.

“The story of Village Artisan is about empowering women, giving dignified work to men and delivering fashionable quality products to you, the discerning and socially conscious buyer.”

Your purchase helps support these North Indian women, men, children and their communities.

(Photos courtesy of Village Artisan)


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